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Monday, November 22, 2010

What inspires me!

My kids of course!
Jacob(7) and Damon (5).
My boys are why I do what I do!
When Jacob was 3 he was diagnosed with Autism and ADHD.
Children with special needs require A LOT of lovin,
and it can be pretty ruff to be a sibling of a child with Autism.
Everything I do is so I can be home with them
and give both of them all the love and attention I can.
They are so much fun, and fill my life with laughter!
Something that inspires me this time of year... CRAFTS!
Especially the ones the kids bring home from school during the holidays.
Check out this ADORABLE pumpkin my lil guy made me at school!
Its made with a TOILET PAPER ROLL!
Here is the link on how to make it!
SO...add up my kid (who LOVE cookies) Fall, and pumpkins....
Pumpkin Sugar Cookies!!!

What inspires you?

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