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Cake Pops

Traditional (Dipped in colored, white or milk chocolate,covered in sprinkles or sugar or drizzled in colors of your choice. Standing in a liner matching your colors)
25.00 per dozen

Specialty (Characters, fondant accents, or personalized in another way)
30.00 and up per dozen

Pretzel Rods

Dipped in colored, white or milk chocolate, and covered in sprinkles, sugars or drizzled.
24.00 per dozen

Crispy Treats
(dipped in chocolate,  with sprinkles, sugar or drizzle)

15.00 per dozen

Shapes, letters or numbers
24.00 and up

Chocolate Covered Oreos and Ritz with peanut butter
(Includes letter, number or image on top)


Chocolate lollipops

10.00 and up per dozen

Fondant cupcake toppers

6.00 and up per dozen

Chocolate cupcake toppers

5.00 and up per dozen

Sugar Cookies
24.00 and up per dozen

Marshmallow pops

Dipped in chocolate and covered in sprinkles, sugars or drizzle
Regular size
15.00 per dozen

18.00 per dozen

Any item bagged with ribbon is 6.00 extra per dozen

Striped straws can be used instead of plain sticks for 6.00 extra per dozen