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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Treats fit for a princess and a Mickey Mouse themed party

A friend of mine recently sent me photos 
of her daughter's party, that I made treats for.

I made Cupcakes, Cake pops, crispy bites, 
and crown sugar cookies.

Being a mom of two boys, I love making treats for girly parties!!!

The next set of photos is from a Mickey Mouse 
themed 1st Birthday party.
 I made the sugar cookies and marshmallow pops.

I have been wanting an excuse to make these cookies 
for a while! So cute!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Ninjago party and Crispy treats

A couple weeks ago I was asked by friend to make some cookies and cake pops for her daughter and son's Ninjago themed party.  She did a such great job decorating (look at the adorable and yummy "fushi" she made with crispy treats and gummy fish!)!!!

I have been making alot of crispy treat favors lately,
I did a batch of soccer ball treats for the Purple Power girls soccer team,

They sent me this adorable picture to thank me!
  Thanks girls!!!
I was also asked to make some pink crispy 3's for a class party,
So fun to play with pink!!!

More posts coming soon!!!!

"40" Shades of Grey

I was recently asked to make some treats for a "40 Shades of Grey" party.
  Some fantastic ladies I know were celebrating their friend's 40th birthday,
 with some serious girl time!!
To go with the theme, I made silver steel cake balls,
Charlie Tango sugar cookie helicopters,
and cripy treats in the shapes of ties.
What a great party theme!