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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Lalaloopsy and Rapunzel

I love all the girlie parties!!
And October has been full of them!

This first one was a Lalaloopsy theme.

I made heart stitched sugar cookies, button Oreos, cake bite spools with button tops, Krispy 5's, and sugar rods.

The next party was a Rapunzel princess party.

For this party I made so many little treats!!!
Rapunzel dress sugar cookies, Maximus and crown krispy treats, and pascal cake pops.

I also made dipped Ritz with a sun on top, and Oreos with a 4 on top.  Rapunzels hair pretzel rods,
Tower cup cakes, and Oreo bite apples.

These parties were so much fun to be a part of!
Bring on the holidays!!!!