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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, and The Little Mermaid

As a mother of two boys, I absolutely love when I receive a request for little girl party treats!
 This month I was in HEAVEN!  

The first, was for a Sleeping Beauty and
 Snow White themed party.  

For the Snow White side, I created Sugar cookies in the shape of apples, marshmallow pops dipped in red chocolate, crispy treats, and these cute little caramel bites, shaped like apples.  I covered them in chocolate, added a pretzel stick and fondant leaf.

 For the Sleeping Beauty side, I made marshmallow pops and crispy treats decorated with pink chocolate and shimmer.  I also made the princess crown sugar cookies and pretzel rods covered in chocolate and pink sugars.

Another request I received was from my client Jennie.  She was celebrating her daughter's birthday with a Little Mermaid themed party.

For this party I made Cake balls covered in chocolate and shimmer dust to resemble pearls.  

I also made Giant Marshmallow pops with sugar, crispy treats, sugar pretzel rods, sea shell sugar cookies, and some chocolate sea shells for the her to decorate cupcakes with.

I am always so impressed with how these parties are together, and I could not wait to share these pictures!
Good job Ladies!!

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